Girls Night Gone Wrong!

Hey, sorry I missed the last blog, I was a little busy. I'm going to tell you about what happened yesterday.

Me and my friends were having a little girl night, we planned to watch a movie,and go night swiming. We watched almost half of Ocean's 8. After that we went night swimming (it was really fun) until one of my friends Harper, was jumping of the arch. As she was jumping off, she slipped and fall into the water. Me and Abbie (another one of my friends) were sitting on one side of the arch as Harper slipped. We both jumped in the water as Harper was saying come in the water, come in the water. Harper swam to the ladder, me and Abbie were both asking if she was OK while we were walking up the sugar scoop. Lily ( another friend of mine) grabbed Harper a towel, Harper started to panic saying theres blood there’s blood. I walked up to her and told her to calm down, and she calmed right down. Lily asked me if there were lights in the cockpit. I quikly flipped the cockpit lights on, Lily took a glance at Harpers head and looked at me. Harpers head had been split open on the back, there was alot of blood. I ran downstairs and got my mom out of bed. Mom was very calm, she told us that the head is very bloody, because veins and all sorts of stuff is up there. My mom got a rag and we cleaned her head up. After a while of talking to Harper, she started to smile. We don't really know why she was smiling, because her head was cut open. Dad, me, Harper, Abbie, and Lily all got in the dingy. Lily and abbie both live in te resort at the beach, Harper was staying at a house there with her family. We took Harper and my friends back to the resort. The next day my dad went into town to see if Harper was ok. Harper was fine, she had to get 5 stitches though.

That day, me, Anna, Finn, Jack, and JJ scrubbed the hull. JJ is a nice friend that is the brother of Lily and Abbie. We all were working on the hull as Wiz (a kid boat that we've known for a long time, with a boy named Cooper) just pulled into the anchorage. We finished scrubbing the hull when it started raining. Argo ( another kid boat we know that has two kids on board, Torsten and Simone) also just pulled into the anchorage. We all stoped scrubbing and played. Torsten is the boy and he is 16, and Simone is 14. After we all got done swimming, w planned a D&D campaign. Me, Finn, Simone, Jack, Torsten, and Cooper all played (well Finn just watched). After completing some stuff in D&D, we played Exploding kittens, and BS.

Thanks for reading my blog, and I will be replying to comments.