The Crew

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Keith is the family leader, the pilot of our life's adventures, and the shoulder on which I have been leaning for nearly 20 years. He has extensive experience in aviation, entrepreneurship, and the oil and gas industry. He has a passion for family, for Godly values, and for ranch living. His heart will always be in the mountains, and as soon as this sailing journey is complete (if it truly ever is), you will most likely find Keith quietly fly fishing in a cool mountain stream under the big Montana sky.



I'm the wife, the mom, the teacher, and the recorder of all memories. I've been homeschooling my kids for over 14 years: writing and geography are my favorites so I am overcome with excitement about this global adventure! Oh, the Places we will Go! 


Anna (18)

After sailing the world for over two years, Anna has grown much more comfortable in her own skin. Although she has a passion for reading and a natural talent for writing and editing, she also enjoys astronomy, snow skiing, and as most teenagers, loves music, TV shows, and chocolate.

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Finn (13)

Finn, age 13, is the youngest boy in our family and has such an amusing personality we often call him "the entertainer." Finn has an adventurous spirit but is also content to sit and spend hours on Fortnite. As with all my kids, he enjoys being in Montana and riding his dirt bike all over the ranch. Although Finn thrives in the country, I can tell he will also flourish on the high seas! Ahoy!


Jack (16)

Jack is 16 years old and second in command on the Z-crew. He can typically be found jumping from a spreader, doing a back-flip off a cliff, or lately, chatting online with his long distance girlfriend who also sails. Despite his rugged good looks, he has a soft heart and a sweet smile. He enjoys kiteboarding, free diving, and playing MTG (Magic the Gathering). You can find him here on Instagram.

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Kate (12)

Kate is a lively rambunctious girl, and the social butterfly of our boat! She loves swimming, friends, swimming with friends, and she dreams of being a baker!