We WERE just an ordinary family living an ordinary life with four ordinary kids. However, as my husband and I entered our mid-40s, we realized we were completely exhausted with corporate America and the effect it was having on our marriage and our kids. Our family was crumbling, our marriage was weak, the legacy we’d always wanted to leave our kids was nowhere in sight.

Something definitely had to change!

So, we saved some cash, gathered our four kids and, regardless of having no prior sailing experience, sold our suburban Texas home and bought a sailboat. Since the beginning of this crazy impromptu adventure in late 2016, we have now sailed over 30,000 nautical miles: the first year in a monohull (Beneteau 55’), the rest in a catamaran (Privilege 585).

We ARE the Z-Crew!

You can share in our adventures by subscribing to our YouTube channel and following along as we continue the circumnavigation, hopefully completing it before all the kids leave the boat and we are stuck to figure out how to manage as empty-nesters!

It's not our goal in the videos to be politically correct or make every viewer happy; nor is it to flaunt our obviously gorgeous and toned figures (not). We want to share honestly what we are experiencing on this adventure and how we are evolving as a family. We simply hope you laugh, learn, ponder, and get inspired. We are a family-friendly channel and all our videos will be basically rated PG, so you can feel confident sharing them with your friends and your grandma!

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