HOME education success story

Since embarking on this homeschool journey over 15 years ago, I have learned that it really doesn’t take a village to raise a child! With a little creativity, a bit of diligence, and a heavy dose of patience, we have managed to raise and educate four well-rounded kids. AND… we finally have our first graduate! Anna, 17, started reading at the early age of four, and from that moment on we decided to continue learning together, reading books together, and tackling math together. At the time of me writing this, she is applying for colleges across the globe and looking forward to a career in Astronomy! “Shoot for the Stars Anna!”

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Check out our latest video on Homeschooling! In it, we discuss what curriculum we use, how long it takes for us in a typical day, and what each kid’s dreams are for “post-boat” life. Thanks for watching!


what curriculum do we use?

While traveling the world by boat, the Switched-On Schoolhouse offline curriculum works best for us: it is PC compatible only (not Mac) but fully customizable and user friendly. Most of the lessons are auto graded, so the teacher can be as hands-on (or off) as they want. We also have used Monarch but it is internet based, and traveling on a sailboat is not very conducive to good internet. Both the Monarch and SOS formats encourage independent study in a safe and Creation-based environment. Multiple children can study on one computer, and I think with SOS they allow up to four students access with one SOS subject. Click here or any of the links to find out more.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3 John 1:4