I'm the wife, the mom, the teacher, and the recorder of all memories. I've been homeschooling my kids for over 14 years: writing and geography are my favorites so I am overcome with excitement about this global adventure! Oh, the Places we will Go! 

I enjoy hiking, scuba diving, board games, and doing anything with my family. At the beginning of this adventure, I was very, VERY nervous and anxious, but I am slowly becoming more confident that I can do it. It is definitely a new angle for a city-girl who loves designer handbags and hot baths every night! I know that by giving my kids this opportunity I will be doing them a great service in life and the rewards will be immeasurable.

Someone asked me once what I would consider "success" to look like when I'm old and in my rocking chair. After living on a sailboat for over a year now, and experiencing the cultures and beauty of this world, I believe that I will consider it success when my kids embark on their own journey as adults, and when they assure others that THEY too can do whatever it is they long to do. If my kids can say, "my parents took us sailing when we were young, and it was CRAZY and EXCITING and STRESSFUL and AMAZING! When I see them encouraging their children to turn their dreams into realities, then I can call my life A SUCCESS!


Renee, June 17, 2019