“10,800 seconds”

Clicking image to get the book!

Clicking image to get the book!

Check out Anna’s first published story, featured in the book “Facing Fear Head On” by Jackie Parry and SisterShip Press. Anna is only 17 years old, and a remarkable young writer; her story is gripping, and will bring you to tears:

“…three hours of being completely and totally alone, in the middle of the ocean with no sense of direction…The ocean is chaotic and untameable, and I am paralyzed.”

The book is a compilation of 46 inspirational stories and you can buy the e-book for a mere $3.99 on Amazon by clicking HERE! Leave a review and support the female sailing community and encourage Anna’s dream of becoming a writer!

After sailing the world for over two years, Anna has evolved from a shy adolescent girl to a thriving and confident young woman. Although she has a passion for reading and a natural talent for writing and editing, she also enjoys scuba diving, snow skiing, and as most teenagers, loves music, movies, and chocolate.